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Reason for the safety and tasty of our vegetables

Delicious, clean, nutritious and freshness last longer

Introducing the feature of our vegetables

Clean with no pesticide
Our vegetables do not use one or a drop of chemical pesticides.
Because it is no pesticide, you can taste the original vegetable flavor.
Because it is produced in hydroponic cultivation that does not use any soil at all,
it keeps the quality and cleanness.
Detail is here see frequently asked questions. (Pesticide inspection data is here
It is OK if you don’t like vegetables.
Children who dislike vegetables can eat our vegetables, because they have less strong taste.
One of the causes of children's dislike of vegetables is the taste of its Egumi (bitterness, etc.) .
Our vegetables have their feature that the Egumi are little in degree.
Longer freshness
Our vegetables are long-life two to three times as compared to vegetables grown in the outdoors. (depending on the type of vegetable).
Leaf vegetables are kept in the vegetable camber of refrigerator, not to be dried, it lasts longer.
If you save lettuce, cabbage, eggplant, etc. not to be too cool, it lasts longer.
Generally, freshness retention of vegetables is related to the healthy growing of vegetables. To say, it grows healthily is that each cell of the vegetable is steady. For example, lye (cause of the bitter taste) comes from the vegetables in boiling pot, but the lye is the death of vegetable cell. Lye hardly comes out when our vegetable put in the pot. Because the cells of vegetables are steady, that's why it lasts longer.

By the experiment, our lettuce has been kept fresh for three months.
Nutrient Rich
Our vegetables aim to be nutritionally balanced vegetables.
Today, it is said that the evaluation of vegetables is the sugar content, low potassium, and residual nitrate nitrogen, but minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and it is important to consume balanced nutrients such as vitamin, lycopene, carotene from vegetables that are basic nutritional food.
Environment Friendly
Apure aims to produce vegetables that is sustainable and environmentally friendly, making full use of the power of nature.
The light needs for growing vegetables we use both sun light and LEDs.
We use hot springs, geothermal heat, and well water for temperature control, heating and cooling in the green house, they contribute to reduce the amount of electricity.
We do not discard a drop of nutrient solution that used for hydroponic cultivation.
In this environment, we produce 30 items at the same time.

About the planting method of our vegetables

What is “Mono quality nutrient solution”

Nutrient solution in hydroponics is the most important thing for plant growth.
However, the nutrient solution itself that we called "Mono quality nutrient solution" is not a special thing. It consists of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, which are three large nutrients of the plant, and essential minerals and organic acids
Specifically, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium of natural inorganic fertilizers, essential minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium required for life activities, and organic acids such as wood vinegar are the main component.
Even if it is not the same as the nutrient solution of other hydroponic cultivation, it's not entirely different. In other words, it can be said that the nutrient solution itself, there is no special difference in what is necessary for the growth of plants in general.

See below for more information.

Then, why is it called "Mono quality nutrient solution" without simply saying the nutrient solution? The reason for this is that:
In modern agriculture (=customary farming), for example, it said that use tomato nutrient for tomato, use spinach nutrient for spinach, the fertilizer is separated in vegetables and used.
Also, in modern agriculture, even the same plant teaches to gradually change the concentration of fertilizer from the germinated one, saying that giving a thick fertilizer to the germinated fresh root causes root rot it is.
On the other hand, in our Apure method, both tomato and spinach, lettuce and broccoli, all the vegetables are grown with the same nutrient solution, and all those just germinated, those of the growth process, and those just before harvest it is raised with fertilizer of the same concentration.

It is said that this cannot be done with modern agriculture.
That all vegetables are grown with the same nutrient solution, regardless of growing process at the same concentration, that is, any vegetables are made from a single substance (= homogeneous) nutrient regardless of the growth state, so that " It is a "Mono quality nutrient solution".

Why are we doing with these methods (new technology)? That is the novelty and innovation of Apure technology. Not everyone can cultivate with the same nutrient solution and grow plants. No, they cannot grow anything.
Four characteristics of Apure technology, "Mono quality nutrient solution" "simultaneous production of multiple items" "no pesticide cultivation" "no nutrient solution discard" has been researching and developing the goal of overcoming the repeated cultivation damage. The logical background of the technology is "mixed forest theory" .
To achieve this goal, facility and equipment such as water flow creation, bacteria colonization, securing of dissolved oxygen content, nutrient solution temperature control, etc. are indispensable, it is a system that cannot be realized even if one of these is missing, that was completed.
As a result, we established a completely new epoch-making agricultural method not to mention conventional farming methods, nor existing hydroponic culture, saying that multi-item vegetables including leaf vegetables and fruit vegetables are made from the same nutrient solution (Mono quality nutrient solution) it is.

How to preserve vegetables recommended by Apure

By making a little effort, taste will last longer.

  • Leafy vegetables

    Spinach, Komatsuna, mizuna, Mibuna, Daisy (Shungiku), mini green stem, mini celery, baby leaf, arugula, mustard greens, lettuce, chard, macrophyll, watercress, lettuce, leaf lettuce, sunny lettuce, cabbage, Chinese cabbage

    Apure leafy vegetables are in the plastic film(OPP FG)
    Please keep in the vegetable room as it is without taking it out of the bag. If possible, put the vegetables stand.


  • Fruit Vegetables

    Broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, mini tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant, US eggplant, peppers

    Please keep the fruits and vegetables as they are delivered.
    Be careful not to get too cold.
    Especially the eggplant is too cold, and the inside turns black.
    Our eggplant doesn't have to be exposed to water.
    You can cook it as it is.
    Lettuce and cabbage should be stored with the core facing upward.
    Please store tomatoes at room temperature as much as possible.
    Broccoli and cauliflower are boil quickly, so please be careful.


  • Root vegetables

    * The selected root vegetables of Hokkaido are not hydroponic cultivation of Apure’s

    Potatoes, onions, radish, carrots, burdock, etc.

    Let's preserve root vegetables in a cool and dark place with good ventilation.
    Onions are damaged quickly if there is moisture. Have vegetables stand if possible.
    Let's preserve the burdock burdened with mud in a newspaper and keep it cool in a well-ventilated place.